Bruce Fretts talks about that surprise and others from last night's episode

By Bruce Fretts
Updated July 20, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Greg is ousted from ”Survivor” by a growing alliance

Okay, everybody all together now: GREG? Shockingly, the blond nut job was the latest contestant to be ousted on CBS’s ”Survivor.” The nefarious alliance of Richard, Rudy, Susan, and Kelly didn’t do him in alone, however. They were joined by former Tagi teammate Sean, who chose him as part of his alphabetical strategy (he skipped over Gervase, who won this week’s rope-maze immunity challenge). Jenna, recipient of the other three votes, also cast her ballot against Greg, saying he had recently turned ”devious.”

That was only one of the major surprises from this week’s thrilling episode. Here are just a few of the other jaw-dropping revelations.

It was Rudy’s idea to get rid of Gretchen! The salty ex-sailor admitted he was the one who engineered last week’s unexpected heave ho of the strong willed teacher. Just as she suspected, she was viewed as a threat because of her leadership skills, as Richard cunningly explained.

Susan has a husband! Much speculation has centered around the sexuality of the tough-talking truck driver (fueled by such suggestive comments as, ”I thought [Jenna] was going to drive me wild”). Yet as the islanders were allowed to view snippets of video letters from relatives, Susan’s spouse was in fact exposed as a man and a very large one at that.

Gervase has a daughter! It turns out Jenna isn’t the only single parent on the island. The proudly lazy (or is he lazy like a fox?) smoothie was visibly moved to see his daughter blow him kisses on the TV screen. Then, in a soft-hearted act, he voted to send Jenna home to her twin girls.

Kelly has a conscience! The river guide seemed to be wavering in her allegiance to the Richard/ Rudy/ Susan axis. Although she claimed she didn’t come to the island to make friends (she said anyone who did should’ve gone to summer camp instead), she later confessed that she felt like a ”backstabber” and a ”liar.” Which she is, but she feels really bad about it.

Greg’s sister is even crazier than he is! Winning the archery contest, the soon to be loser was rewarded with a screening of his sib’s entire missive. Among the highlights: the advice ”Just ask yourself what Billy Joel would do” and various slobbery noises. Neurologist Sean offered this helpful diagnosis: ”He’s not the only screwball in the family. Maybe it’s a genetic trait.”

Jeff Probst ain’t proud! The Stone Phillipsesque host assured the castaways that Greg’s recorded reply would reach his sister. ”I’ll put it in the overnight myself,” Probst promised. What a guy.

And what surprises are in store for next week? Well, according to the teaser, Kelly will question her complicity in the alliance, and Jenna will miss her daughters. Hey, those aren’t surprises!