This and more in's third installment of the ex Survivor's diary

Image excerpts Ramona’s ”Survivor” diary. Here, Days 5 and 6.


I had one of the worst nights, yet I feel the best I’ve felt. It’s probably still dehydration and the freakin’ humidity! Once you’re in the hooch, your clothes are automatically drenched…. I was freezing all night long. Gervase, Jenna, and Greg took turns spooning me to keep me warm… I couldn’t ask for a better team!

I’m still feeling like crap… can’t hold anything down to save my life. I’m just setting myself up for a physical breakdown.


Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you. — Luke 6:27

We had so much fun last night. We played the All New Newly Stranded Surviving Game. Greg was the host (and what a great host he was) and the couples were Gretchen/ B.B., Colleen/ Joel, and me/ Jenna/ Gervase.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE NO. 2 The mail that we got alluded to the fact that it would be some type of eating contest… boy, were we right! We were all seated on opposite sides of this long table. In the first round, we all had to eat a sauteed beetle larva. Amazing, all of us did (Gervase had major issues with it, but literally sucked it up and ate it). I guess they hadn’t expected us all to eat, so we went to a second round where we had to eat the same thing… EXCEPT THIS ONE WAS ALIVE! What made it so disgusting was that it like pulsated in your hands. UGH! But it was game time, so I swallowed it! In fact again, everyone finished them off. Hence, the tiebreaker — each team got to pick who seemed like the most squeamish of the other team. We picked Stacey, they picked Gervase.

The task was to eat two live larvas — first one done WINS. We lost (but I gotta hand it to Gervase; as much as I KNOW he didn’t want to do that, he did — he did his best and that’s all I/ we could ask of him). We were given the map to the Tribal Council and set off home. Once back at the site, we packed our stuff and waited… and waited. We didn’t set out until there was only a hint of light in the sky! BAD MOVE. First of all, we were given crappy flashlights (batteries were either very weak or slowly dying) and to make matters worse, the course they took us over was WAY too dangerous to do at night AND at high tide. It took us about 1 hr. and a half to get there.

By then, I was hot, sweaty, irritated, tired, and just plain mad that they actually took us that route. Even though we were going to Tribal Council, we ”dressed” appropriately. We took charcoal from our ashes and marked each other’s faces. (Actually, we dressed for the challenge — all the women wore the tribal wraps as tube tops! We looked SO good!!) To make a long story short, we all took our places at the Council, voted, waited while they were recorded, and were given the results.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. — Matthew 5:9

[Tribal Council votes] 5 – B.B. 2 – Ramona 1 – Uncounted

I was floored… after four votes had been counted there was a tie [between B.B. and me]. I absolutely was in a state of shock. I just assumed that everyone was gonna vote for/ against B.B. B.B. was led away and we later found out that he was really bummed out that we voted him off — he couldn’t believe that we actually did it, although the whole way there he talked about what he was gonna do at the hotel the next day!!

I was feeling every emotion possible on the trek back: scared, mad, sad, confused, angry, suspicious, betrayed, EVERYTHING. I think B.B. was one vote [against me] and I think maybe Gretchen was the other, but there’s no way to be sure so I have to suspect everyone (except maybe Gervase).

I gotta be more active within the group — think I’ve adjusted — now I gotta bust my ASS.

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