This and more in's second installment of the ex Survivor's diary

Ramona Gray
Credit: Ramona: Monty Brinton excerpts Ramona Gray’s ”Survivor” diary. Here, Days 3 and 4.


I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. — Philippians 4:13

Day 3 has finally arrived! Daylight seems to take a while around here. Of course, I didn’t get any sleep (AGAIN), I don’t think anyone did… it’s the rats and the fact that it rained yesterday and we tracked sand all in the shelter…. Try sleeping on a wet ground while bugs constantly bite at any exposed flesh; definitely not your desired night of comfort and rest!

Today we’re still pumped from the fact that we won the reward/ immunity challenge yesterday: Quest for fire! Yeah, baby!

I’m feeling really weak today — I have to eat something. I’d planned on us eating, or rather cooking, some sardines and beans with onions [salvaged from the boat before the Survivors abandoned ship]. I was overruled on the basis that we need to conserve all of our canned goods since we haven’t caught any fish yet. Honestly, I’m a bit upset cuz although I cooked yesterday, I DIDN’T EAT! So everyone is feeling fine… meanwhile, I’m running on fumes. But, since that’s what the group decided, I’ll suck it up.

We are still getting a lot done, though. Three people are on a water run, firewood has been gathered, people are attempting to get fish for food, and I think as a group, we’re gonna improve the shelter. If we take care of the major stuff, we should be able to relax for a good portion of the day. My fingers are crossed.


I ain’t got time to bleed. — Predator

Daylight has broken — again — FINALLY! I think I may have actually slept a little this time; though I’m moderately/ severely dehydrated, I’m doing OK.

I came out by the campfire with B.B. and ended up going to sleep out here. Woke up, kept the fire going, and just thought a lot about what’s going on.

OK… had to stop writing cuz we had a bit of a storm. Not too bad, but rain nonetheless. We split into groups right b4 to get water, gather palm fronds, tend the fire, and basically organize. We had our tiffs, but we’re gonna be OK.

I feel the best today than I’ve felt since we got here… probably cuz I actually got a few hours of sleep last night. And I had a banana this morning, so I am doing GREAT! Just gotta make sure I keep drinking water.

OH! I almost forgot. The Tagi Tribe voted Sonja off last night. I hope we never have to go through that….

Just came back from trying to get fish. I don’t think there was one freakin’ fish out there! We (Joel, Jenna, me) had baited hooks and everything. It was such an unfruitful venture — and my weak stomach made the whole thing worse. Colleen and Gervase are now practicing a balancing act out of Cirque du Soleil. They get an A for effort but they’re busting their asses in the sand! This is hilarious… we’re stranded and hungry and still find time to play… this is what it’s all about. Frisbee was also a lot of fun… for the most part, I think we all participated — all except B.B.

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