''The Patriot,'' ''The Perfect Storm,'' and ''Chicken Run'' bring this summer's film death count up to 402

By Jim Mullen
Updated July 14, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hollywood sure knows how to put the red in the red, white, and blue. Over the July 4 weekend, the movies went all out in providing us fodder for our continuing count of summer corpses. First prize goes to Mel Gibson’s The Patriot for its astounding, flag-waving 182 deaths! Among them: 16 tomahawk axings, dozens of bayonet stabbings, and one controversial cannonball beheading. George Clooney’s The Perfect Storm pulled its weight by giving us eight soggy deaths, while Chicken Run featured one poor bird turned into McNuggets. Added to our previous count, this makes for an all-American total of 402!