By Scott Brown
July 14, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

If you’re looking to get blaxploited the old-fashioned way, you can definitely dig the .wav downloads at Shaft Sounds. Naturally, there are links to the video of Isaac Hayes’ ”updated” ”Theme From Shaft” (relax, the flutes and wa-was are untouched) and a trailer from the Samuel L. Jackson retread, but this site’s raison d’etre is its collection of shut-yo’-mouth sound bites from the original 1971 film. ”Have a chair, John,” offers a police lieutenant. ”I don’t like your chair,” replies Shaft No. 1, Richard Roundtree, whose low mutter can’t compete with Jackson’s histrionics, but who still manages to communicate more sincerity than his bellowing successor’s collected works contain in toto. Proving he’s a cat who won’t cop out, site founder Hugh McNally has even included a morsel of Bart and Lisa Simpson’s version of the immortal Shaft shimmy. A-