This week's online quotes are from ''Me, Myself, and Irene'''s Jim Carrey and ''The Perfect Storm'''s Mark Wahlberg

By EW Staff
July 14, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”That scene was wild. You know, it’s very rare when I get into a place where I actually am kind of…humiliated. And that was one of those. But it was so embarrassing to me. And I was embarrassed for the girl. And she was fine with it. She was like, ‘Yeah, whatever, I didn’t even notice.’ But I was literally apologizing to her between every take.”
Me, Myself & Irene‘s Jim Carrey on a scene in which his character suckles on a nursing mother’s breast, on Bigstar

”I was talking to the shark guy and I said, ‘Those teeth look really real. That is great.’ He said, ‘Yeah, feel them. They are really sharp!’ I kept thinking, ‘Wait a second, I am supposed to have my leg in his mouth!’ Of course, it’s an electronic shark. So when the mouth was closed with my leg in it, the shark was not powered up yet. When they powered up the shark, they did not realize that someone forgot to tell me the mouth closes another quarter of an inch. The teeth dug right into my leg…. I am screaming, ‘Cut!’ They were like, ‘Oh this is great. Keep rolling!”’
The Perfect Storm‘s Mark Wahlberg on occupational hazards, on Entertainment Tonight Online