The exiled lawyer tells which cast members most got on her nerves

Stacey Stillman, Survivor
Credit: Monty Brinton

Stacey Stillman, 27, is the ”yuppie lawyer” from San Francisco who clashed with her Tagi teammates (Rudy in particular) and was last seen muttering catty remarks at Susan, who changed her vote in order to give Stacey the boot.

As in TV sitcoms of yore, we never see toilets on ”Survivor.” What was the deal?
We took a crate, kicked off one of the planks, and put it over a hole. Unbeknownst to us, it was directly in front of the crew camps. At night, I’d hear rustling in the bushes and see cameras and binoculars pointing at me. Not fun.

What kind of response have you gotten at your law firm?
They didn’t know what to make of it. We’re a progressive law firm as law firms go. I got a message from my chairman after I got kicked off. He said, ”Sorry you didn’t make it. We were all rooting for you.” But people line up outside my office every Thursday morning to ask me, ”How did the bugs taste?” and, ”What’s your problem with Rudy?”

And what WAS your problem with Rudy?
I didn’t have a problem with him, really. I was just up front. I didn’t have a vendetta against him, even though it looks like it. I was just trying to play the game and we had to vote somebody off, and I thought it should be Rudy.

You seemed to be in a bad mood most of the time. Is that accurate?
I did feel cranky. I didn’t feel as cranky as I looked. We did have a lot of bonding moments. One day, Sue and Kelly and I went out at night to catch fish. They didn’t show it on camera, but that was a really wonderful moment that I’ll always remember.

How did you feel about being scantily clad 24/7?
I was very aware of the cameras, and I think I covered up more than most people. I wore that sarong to cover up my sand flea bites, and I definitely precluded all butt shots if possible.

How do you feel now about the people in your tribe?
I really wanted to get to know the people in my camp. But I do think there are people with agendas who are still there, and those will play out. Richard was the most annoying early on. They put all his annoyingness in the first show, so I was happy about that. Then Rudy started to get on my nerves.

Would you do a ”Survivor” reunion?
It was very hard to be in that heat, and not eating, and to be around people who are plotting against you in one way or another all the time. I’m not sure I want to be around that again. It would bring up a lot of difficult emotions.

What item from civilization did you miss the most?
My computer. I’m an e-mail junkie.

What’s the most vicious ploy a tabloid’s tried to get you to talk?
Someone e-mailed my roommate and said they were doing a ”poll” about who they thought would win, hoping my roommate knew from me. It was obviously a hoax from some reporter. I was like, That’s rude.

Were the tribal councils as cheesy as they looked?
The first time we went, the set felt hokey. But we quickly realized we were there to take care of some serious business. We weren’t laughing after that first council meeting. Especially me!