For the vomiting scientist, life after the show is filled with viewer feedback

Ramona Gray
Credit: Survivor: Monty Brinton

Ramona Gray, a 29 year old biochemist from Edison, N.J., is the cast-off most likely to endorse Dramamine. She got seasick on the raft to the South Pacific island, and hurled her way through the first week.

Did you have any idea you?d become so famous from this show?
No! I really just thought people would see me on TV for the four shows and that would be it. I figured I wouldn’t be on long enough for people to recognize me on the street or anything, but NO!

Have people been doing weird things to try to get you to spill the beans?
Oh my gosh, yes! I was at the spa, and this lady told me, ”I’m going to get my checkbook. We?ll see if we can get you to talk!” I was like ”unless you have over $4 million in your bank account, you might as well keep your check,” since that?s how much CBS would sue me for if I leaked the winner?s name.

You came off looking pretty miserable. Do you think you were fairly portrayed?
In general I think it was pretty fair. It’s funny, though. I just got my hair cut today and my barber was like, ”Come on up here, Lazy,” and I’m like, ”I did do some work!” I take one nap and that’s the piece that gets put on the freaking show! I really did help out. Honest.

What?s the most annoying thing the camera crews did?
I was having a bad day, during the days when I was sick, and I was doing an interview with one of the producers. I just like broke down in tears and the cameramen were just right in my face. I tried to turn away, but of course they would reposition themselves. ”Come on,” I told them, ”Give me a break!”

One last question. If CBS created a sister show called ”Sir-vivor,” which Sir would you like to be paired with: Sir Alec Guinness or Sir Elton John?
Probably Sir Lancelot. He was a warrior and could have slayed us some better meals than the rats that we ate.