''Shaft'' and ''Titan A.E.'' added to our seasonal tally of screen deaths

By EW Staff
June 30, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Who’s the sex machine with all the corpses at his feet? Shaft, of course! In our ongoing tally of cadavers in summer flicks, Samuel L. Jackson’s update delivers the goods (18 shootings, one ice-picking, a car crash, and a good old-fashioned bludgeoning), with a whopping 25 deaths. As for the sci-fi ‘toon Titan A.E., it boasts a respectable 14 stiffs, 13 of them alien — though that doesn’t include the very impressive 6 billion deaths from the earth being vaporized (we’re counting only on-screen expirations). The previous week, the Nicolas Cage car-thief thriller, Gone in 60 Seconds, looked promising, but produced only a single demise. Which brings us up to 211 for the summer so far. And Mel Gibson has not yet begun to fight.