It was destined to happen: The Barbarella of video-games has finally descended on Sega Dreamcast owners with Space Channel 5, a surreal, retro-futuristic action-adventure with a digital diva who may well dethrone Lara Croft as the sexiest star of the small screen (if you’re into orange plastic miniskirts and matching knee-high boots). With rhythm for a weapon, players must help 25th-century newscaster Ulala (pronounced ”Ooo-la-la”) outdance and out-laser-blast an alien posse in order to free human prisoners — and, of course, save the universe. Gameplay resembles Simon Says: On-screen opponents perform a set of moves, then players must mimic them. Unfortunately, with only four levels, the game’s a tad on the short side, and a two-player option would be welcome. Still, gamers of all ages undoubtedly will want to help Ulala get her groove back — if not get their hands on a pair of those boots. A-