The week's best internet quotes -- ''Small Time Crooks'''s Hugh Grant on aging and ''Gone in 60 Seconds'''s Nicolas Cage on relaxation

By EW Staff
June 23, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”I don’t think celebritydom is at all healthy, actually. I think actors should be muzzled. Once they leave the set, no one should be allowed to f—ing speak. Or be photographed. There are more interesting things than Jennifer Lopez’s neckline.”
Luminous Motion‘s Deborah Kara Unger on the idolization of stars, on Mr. Showbiz

”I turn 40 in September. And the only thing I dread is complete and utter misery. I’ll be hiding. I think the time has come to start lying about my age. Elizabeth [Hurley] has been lying since I met her — I think she should be 21 now.”
Small Time Crooks‘s Hugh Grant on aging, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”I’m trying race-car driving to relax. When you’re racing you can’t think about anything but being alive, so it’s a different alternative to Valium.”
Gone in 60 Seconds‘s Nicolas Cage on how he relieves stress, on Entertainment Weekly Online