By Caren Weiner Campbell
Updated June 23, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

The monarch of modeling clay, Aardman Animations’ three-time Oscar winner Nick Park (creator of the Wallace and Gromit shorts and this summer’s feature-length Chicken Run) rules the roost at People Are Strange: Nick Park ( park) — which proves as modest as the man himself. Webmaster Russ Steffens delivers illuminating biographical details (like Park’s protagonist Wallace, the animator’s father was an amateur inventor) and career facts (Creature Comforts and A Grand Day Out both got Oscar nods in 1991 — meaning Park competed against himself). Steffens even notes Park’s cinematic allusions (The Wrong Trousers, for example, invokes Ealing comedies and Hitchcock thrillers). Too bad such wisps of content inspire an Aardmania they can’t quite satisfy. B