Bruce Fretts on the attorney's ouster, and who might be next

By Bruce Fretts
Updated June 15, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

More about CBS’ hit show ”Survivor”

And then there were 13. First, it was Sonja (or ”Souna,” as truck driver Susan memorably misspelled it), the ukulele strumming therapist and cancer survivor who got kicked off the island on CBS’ hot-weather reality hit ”Survivor.” Then it was the cranky real estate developer B.B. (whose initials might as well have stood for ”Buh-Bye!”). Now Stacey, the snippy Elisabeth Shue look-alike, has gotten the boot (well, she WAS an attorney). Who’ll be the next big loser? Here’s a rundown of the leading contenders.

RICHARD The paunchy corporate trainer constantly wants to discuss decisions to death before they’re made, and that’s gotta be annoying. Plus, what self respecting gay man wears black socks with a swimsuit? Still, he’s proven a surprisingly skilled fisherman, catching more than his share of rays (and not the kind that come from the sun). Also, we know from the tabloid headlines that he was away from home long enough for his son to gain a significant amount of weight, so count on him to hang on for now.

RUDY The sole remaining member of Generation AARP, the order barking ex-Navy SEAL has rubbed some of his fellow castaways the wrong way with his militaristic manners. He received at least two removal votes in the most recent ”tribal council,” but one of his main enemies, Stacey, is now gone, and he’s made friends with Richard (although not in a gay way, he’s quick to remind us), so he may be around for a while. Another clue to his longevity: He’s shown sporting a full beard in the opening credits.

RAMONA Has anybody seen her do a lick of work? She always seems to be lying down, passing out, and/or throwing up. In this survival of the fittest atmosphere, her days may be single-numbered.

DIRK Not that there’s anything wrong with being religious, but would you want to be trapped on a desert island with a proselytizing zealot? The 23 year old self proclaimed virgin’s apparent crush on river guide Kelly also seems to be creeping a lot of people out — most notably Kelly.

GERVASE ”Survivor” is not for the squeamish, and this YMCA B-ball coach couldn’t stomach last week’s bug-eating challenge. He also looked ready to puke at the prospect of consuming a cooked rat, although once he got a taste, he was begging for more. Finally, he’s a weak swimmer who readily admits that ”water isn’t my thing.” Which could be a problem when you’re stranded in a remote locale surrounded by water.

JEFF PROBST The bedimpled host just signed a deal to direct his first feature, so perhaps he won’t be available to return for the second season of ”Survivor,” which reportedly may be filmed in Australia for a January 2001 launch. Who could replace the ”Rock and Roll Jeopardy!” vet? We hear Kathie Lee Gifford’s looking for a new gig….