This website lets cat lovers send email to their pets

By Ann Limpert
Updated June 09, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

When we saw the sites in ’98 devoted to photos of cats smushed onto scanners (some even wore sunglasses), we didn’t consider there might be anther end of the feline spectrum of the web. Until, that is, we found MeowMail (, a free email ”colony” for your Mr. or Mrs. Bigglesworth (and their ”human valets”). The site features daily slogans for your purring playmates (”Meow not, get not”) and a newsletter (”The Morning Hairball”) filled with frisky tidbits like ”You know who really hisses me off? Humans who eat their breakfast before they even think about feeding their cats.” Uh, you know what really freaks us out? That there are people out there who send email to their cats.