EW Online tells you which Web rumors are bunk and which you can believe

By Craig Seymour
Updated June 08, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Last week, Internet-savvy Madonna fans got their first taste of her new album when an unauthorized MP3 of ”Music” –the lead single and title track — was posted on several websites, including Napster. ”This music was stolen and was not intended for release for several months,” said Madonna’s manager Caresse Norman in a statement.

And that bootleg tune isn’t the only thing related to Maddy’s new set that’s floating around on the Web. Fansites devoted to the pregnant pop star are chockful of info about the album’s release date, producers, and videos. The catch? Most of it’s wrong.

Here’s EW Online’s guide to the truth about Madonna’s ”Music.”


Web Rumor It’ll be out next month, featuring remixes from the British DJ duo Groove Armada.
The Truth It’ll ”probably” be out in early August, according to Madonna’s spokesperson Liz Rosenberg. And yes — Groove Armada, who also appear on the soundtrack to Madonna’s ”The Next Best Thing,” have done a remix.


Web Rumor It includes production from trance wizard DJ Sasha, a collaboration with rappers Salt-N-Pepa, and a cover by famed lensman David LaChappelle.
The Truth Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong! The album’s behind-the-boards knob twirlers are William Orbit (”Ray of Light”) and newcomer Mirwais, whose debut album ”Production” — just out in the UK — includes a song with vocals by Madonna. As for Salt-N-Pepa, they ”haven’t done any recent recording as a unit,” says their spokesperson, tersely denying the rumor. And although LaChappelle has snapped new album covers for Whitney Houston, Mya, and Lil’ Kim, he won’t be shooting the Material Mom.


Web Rumor ”Music”’s video is a spoof of hip-hop culture directed by ”Ray of Light”’s Jonas Akerlund and featuring cameos by Madonna’s gal pal Debi Mazur and British comic Ali G., who’s known for, well, spoofing hip-hop culture.
The Truth The clip, which was filmed in April by Akerlund, includes both Mazur and G. But, Rosenberg clarifies, it’s not a hip-hop satire, but rather an ”homage.” Hmmm… maybe those Salt-N-Pepa rumors weren’t so out there after all.

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