June 06, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

If Matt Groening ever produced ”Futurama” for the stage, he’d cast Robot Frank in the lead role. Frank is much more than a guy in a cardboard and aluminum foil costume with white gloves and a slow-loading website. He’s an angry android with feelings who recently spent four hours raking the leaves for the nice family who lets him stay in their basement, only to have some ”punk neighbor kid” jump in the pile, forcing Robot Frank to stomp on him. Meanwhile, Frank’s best friend, Robot Ron, is trying to take over the world by training an army of ”mean robots” that include a chrome-painted cat. Frank is the alter ego of 19 year old Bryan Madden (also creator of the Leave Gary Coleman Alone website), who updates his bitter robotic diary entries every other day. Think of it as ”This Bot’s Life.”

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