By Noah Robischon
Updated June 06, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Besides selling that woo-hoo-wacky musical instrument known as the theremin, this online electronics extravaganza offers the White Mountain Geopathic Reverser, which turns negative energy into positive within a 40-foot ”treatment circle” around the dubious device, and Plant Chant, a green box that attaches harmlessly to any plant and then allows you to ”hear your plant sing!!” If you’re after some physical healing, experiment with the scanned images of hands. Are you supposed to press the affected area of your body against the monitor, or what? It’s all groovy, man. Especially when you’re using the nine-volt-battery-powered Brain Machine, which allows the user to instantly achieve a meditative state of consciousness equivalent to 20 years of training with a Yogi — and it fits under your hat.