Plus, Britney Spears, Napster, Jim Carrey, Jim Belushi, and more

By Lori Reese
Updated June 06, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

ARRESTS Looks like all Slim Shady’s tough talk may finally be getting real. Eminem faces up to five years in jail if his arraignment today results in a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon. His wife, Kimberly Mathers, was arraigned yesterday on charges of disturbing the peace, after a fight outside the Hot Rocks Cafe resulted in the previously reported arrest of four people (she pled not guilty). The county prosecutor is saying Eminem followed Kimberly to the nightclub because he suspected her of cheating, reports the Detroit Free Press. When he found her with another man, a fight broke out and a handgun dropped to the ground. Prosecutors are interviewing witnesses to determine who was carrying the weapon. Regardless, they plan to pursue at least five misdemeanor charges including assault and battery and weapons possession. Eminem’s lawyer has yet to comment. His publicist told the paper that the negative attention could be good for his career.

CROSSROADS Britney Spears signed a contract for film and TV representation with the Endeavor talent agency, whose clients include other pop crossovers Mark Wahlberg, Bette Midler, and Master P. Spears credits Endeavor with ”putting her name in lights (eventually)” in the liner notes of ”Oops!… I Did It Again.” British rock mag Q reports that the ex-Mouseketeer was recently presented with another contract of sorts: an unidentified American man offered her $12 mil for her virginity, via her label Jive Records. The bubblegum queen — who has sworn to keep her innocence intact until marriage — was apparently scandalized. Perhaps the maid would have been more enticed by the Faustian seduction had the devil offered her acting talent instead of dough.

WEB NEWS Jim Belushi will create 13 adult-targeted animated episodes of ”The Greedy Show” for During the announcement at the World Animation Celebration Belushi said that he made the decision because, ”You can’t put the way people really joke and talk on television”…. Fox will bypass the 80 year old system of film distribution today by using the Internet to beam a copy of Titan A.E. to the theater where it will premier. It’s the first time a studio has elected to use the new media system for transport…. Three days after slapping punk band the Offspring with a legal order to stop selling bootlegged company merchandise, Napster finally got the joke. The band and the MP3 swapping service announced that they will team up to sell the T-shirts, caps, etc., and donate the proceeds to charity. Meanwhile, the Offspring is struggling to figure out how to keep their name in the press.

CASTING Jim Carrey is negotiating to star in Fox 2000’s drama ”Phone Booth,” about a man who picks up a public phone and is told he will be shot if he hangs up…. Rob Lowe has begun work on an HBO movie called ”Proximity,” about a fugitive on the run in Cleveland…. George Lucas announced at the MTV Movie Awards that Samuel L. Jackson will play a bigger role in ”Star Wars: Episode II.” He told the audience that he hopes to see Jackson accepting next year’s award for best fight. Shaft would have looked cool with a lightsaber.

MUSIC NEWS The remaining members of the Grateful Dead may be parting ways because of a dispute about the digital preservation of the band’s massive archive. Word got out that the band kowtowed to a major corporation, possibly prompting bassist Phil Lesh to ditch a performance at this year’s Further Festival with the band. Instead, he is touring with Bob Dylan.

COURTS Tim McGraw‘s lawyer says that his previously reported arrest in Buffalo, N.Y., is the result of a ”misunderstanding.” He faces felony charges for assaulting a police officer…. Charges of cocaine possession against Michael Douglas‘ son Cameron, 20, were dismissed yesterday after he pled guilty to disorderly conduct. The wayward child, who was busted last October when police found coke in his jeans pocket, will serve two days’ community service. Guess dad can’t save everybody’s day.

AWARDS Wendie Malick, the giddy ex-fashion model on NBC’s ”Just Shoot Me,” will be honored with a ”women of vision” award along with Tipper Gore at a ceremony in D.C. The award is partly in recognition of Malick’s work building houses for the homeless in Mexico.