Plus, Tim McGraw, Michael Douglas, MTV Movie Awards, John Travolta, Christina Ricci, and more

By Lori Reese
June 05, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Kevin Mazur - UMAZ/LFI

POLICE BLOTTER Eminem apparently had a long night on Saturday. He was reportedly among four people arrested early yesterday morning at the Hot Rocks Cafe in Warren, Mich., a suburb of Detroit. A fight started in the parking lot after a crowd recognized the top-selling rap star and sought him out for autographs, according to the nightclub’s manager. Two men were arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon, and a man and a woman were busted for disorderly conduct. Eminem was released later Sunday afternoon, and police have not said which charges he faces. The bad boy’s lawyer said that he had not yet been contacted. A detective at the Warren police department told EW Online that he cannot confirm the report until after an arraignment, which he expects to take place later this afternoon….

Country star Tim McGraw, singer Kenny Chesney, and a manager Mark Russo were arrested and detained for several hours after Chesney allegedly trotted off on a police officer’s horse, and all three got in a scuffle with authorities. Apparently, Chesney was allowed to mount the horse, but then allegedly began riding and refused to obey orders to stop. After two officers attempted to remove the crooner physically, all five men got into a tangle. McGraw — husband of country diva Faith Hill — faces a felony charge of assaulting a police officer and three misdemeanors. He was freed on $2,500 bond. Chesney was charged only with disorderly conduct….

Michael Douglas came to the aid of two police officers trying to catch two 17 year old kids suspected of crashing a stolen car in Cincinnati, Ohio. Douglas, who was filming ”Traffic” on location in a high-crime area of the city, guided police to an alley where the two juveniles had run, helping bring a chase to a climax. Police say they hope to recognize the 55 year old star when he returns to the city to continue filming. Maybe they should put Douglas on the Eminem tour.

AWARDS Here’s what would happen if the Academy dropped down the rabbit hole: ”The Matrix” snagged three popcorn statues, including best picture, at the ninth annual MTV Movie awards. Keanu Reeves got the best actor award and shared the best fight award with costar Laurence Fishburne…. Director Michael Blakemore, 71, walked off with two Tonys for his direction of the musical ”Kiss Me, Kate” and the play ”Copenhagen.” ”Copenhagen” also took the prize for best play, while the controversial dance extravaganza ”Contact” won for best musical and choreography. Elton John and Tim Rice also picked up statues for the score to Disney’s ”Aida.” Hosts Rosie O’Donnell and Nathan Lane guided the ceremonies so smoothly that the CBS show came up one or two minutes short. Maybe they should do the Oscars next time.

REEL DEAL Looks like at least one Scientology loving star is slipping. Paramount has delayed the release of John Travolta‘s ”Numbers,” from July 14 to Oct. 27. Paramount execs say they pushed back release of the film — originally set to debut against the box office powerhouse ”X-Men” — to allow more time for postproduction. Or maybe Paramount just wants more time to get clear of ”Battlefield Earth” fallout.

ROBBED Willie Fulgear, the Dumpster diver who recovered more than 50 missing Oscar statues from a trash bin in L.A., has had most of his $50,000 reward stolen. Fulgear filed a report with police between May 15 and June 1. Crooks broke into Fulgear’s apartment while he was away in Mississippi and stole a safe containing $40,000 he received from Roadway Express (One of whose employees was charged with the Oscar theft), according to ABC TV news. That shows what honesty will do for you in Hollywood.

NAPSTER NEWS Napster has reinstated the 30,000 users who swore — under penalty of perjury — that they had not illegally traded copies of Metallica‘s songs. The company said that the burden of proof lies with those who are suing. The band’s lawyer labeled the situation ”ludicrous,” saying that the users were lying and that they had only been accepted back by the MP3 swapping service because Metallica had opted not to sue individuals. He suggested that Napster has now succeeded in turning 30,000 innocents into perjurers by allowing them to deny the band’s accusation via a counter-notification form on the site. Napster also slapped the hand of nouveau punk band the Offspring with a legal order to stop selling bootlegged cups, T-shirts, and caps emblazoned with the company’s logo on their website.

STAR WARS George Lucas is returning to Tatouine, Tunisia, where some of the most acclaimed parts of the ”Star Wars” series have been shot, to film portions of ”Star Wars: Episode II” beginning in late October or early November. Tatouine, which provided the backdrop for ”The Phantom Menace”’s Tatooine, is a major tourist attraction for the country, offering ”Star Wars safaris” for the especially enthused. There’s nothing like Mom and Jar Jar in the Sahara for a Kodak moment.

CASTING Christina Ricci is set to take her first turn in an action movie, starring in and coproducing a Warner Bros. film based on the comic ”Adrenalin.” ”The Matrix” megaproducer, Joel Silver, will collaborate on the project, which tells the Cold War story of Russian born cyborg programmed to destroy the United States…. Tony winning actress Audre McDonald will star opposite Emma Thompson in an HBO production of the Pulitzer Prize winning play ”Wit.”

POLITICS Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has been invited to make an appearance on his favorite daytime soap, ”The Young and the Restless.” The Body will tape the segment on July 14 during a weeklong trip to California. He says he became addicted to the CBS show while working as a pro wrestler. No wonder he decided not to run for president — there’s already so little time for the important things in life.

WHISTLEBLOWER ”60 Minutes” founder Don Hewitt lambasted newsman Lowell Bergman for ”conspiring” with producers the Oscar nominated ”Insider,” saying they took too much artistic license in depicting a dark episode in ”60 Minutes”’ history. Hewitt said that he would not allow Bergman ”within a hundred miles of a newsroom.” He also said that the producer kept working for CBS after the network initially refused to air his whistleblowing tale of Big Tobacco.

RECOVERING Bob Hope was alert, talkative, and requesting vanilla ice cream yesterday, according to a hospital spokesperson. Recovering from gastrointestinal bleeding that landed him in the hospital Thursday, the performer has said to tell fans that he is ”winning.” The hospital has elected to keep an extra supply of vanilla ice cream on hand, because it is his favorite, the spokeswoman added.