Plus, the latest quotes from Nicolas Cage, Hugh Grant, Matt Damon, and more

By Liane Bonin
Updated June 01, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Frank Trapper/Corbis Sygma

Whoever said celebrities are only witty in front of the camera? Here’s EW Online’s latest roundup of pithy quotes from some of Hollywood’s finest.

?”For close to two years I’ve been vegan, and it’s turned my whole life around. I can sleep better, I have more energy, my skin is really clear, and my body’s in the shape it needs to be in. And being vegan, I love food more, because animal products numb your taste buds. It’s not a joke that a lot of people are lactose intolerant. They open them up and there are blocks of cheese inside them that they can’t digest. I mean, have you seen how they make milk? Ugh!”
”Love’s Labour’s Lost” star ALICIA SILVERSTONE

?”I’m trying race car driving to relax. When you’re racing you can’t think about anything but being alive, so it’s like a different alternative to Valium.”
NICOLAS CAGE, star of ”Gone in 60 Seconds”

?”I turn 40 this September. And the only thing I dread is complete and utter misery. I’ll be hiding. I think the time has come to start lying about my age. Elizabeth [Hurley] has been lying since I met her — I think she should be about 21 now.”
HUGH GRANT on his estranged flame’s age-defying secret

?”She’s big. Real big. She’s got a couple Nutter Butters on her.”
MARTIN LAWRENCE on the girth of his character in ”Big Momma’s House”

?”I’m uncomfortable with celebrity. I think it’s like a red balloon filled with hot air. A needle could come and pop it, and then it’s all over. It doesn’t even matter much, because 98 percent of people don’t recognize me anyway. I haven’t been written about in tabloids. There’s nothing to write about. I just need to keep being the person my family knows and that my friends know, and everything will be all right.”
”Frequency” star JIM CAVIEZEL

?”I haven’t had a vacation since 1996, and it’s a great thing. Ask any actor who isn’t working right now what they want to do, and they’ll say they want to work. I’ve really been trying to keep going while I can. I’m not naive enough to think this will last forever.”
MATT DAMON, soon to star in ”Titan A.E.”