This week's internet quotes -- ''Mission Impossible 2'''s Thandie Newton and ''Up at the Villa'''s Anne Bancroft talk about their roles

By EW Staff
May 26, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

”It wasn’t really ‘making out’ because you have 30 people in a room squished together. people are actually in the bed with you — making sure the sheet doesn’t come up too much.”
Mission Impossible 2‘ s Thandie Newton on her love scenes with costar Tom Cruise, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I thought it was the cat’s meow. Here I was in the movies! Hey, I thought it was the ebst thing that could ever happen to a little girl from the Bronx. What did I know? I wore spangles. And somebody did my hair every day, and put my makeup on. And brought me coffee, and Kleenex when I sneezed. What a life!”
Up at the Villa‘s Anne Bancroft on her early days in Hollywood, on Bigstar

”I bought a case of Top Ramen and ate it every kind of way — sometimes just the noodles. Your money goes a long way that way.”
Frequency‘s Jim Caviezel on how he survived his struggling-actor days, on Mr. Showbiz