''The Big Kahuna'', movie freebies, and Moviefone voice recognition software made headlines this week

By EW Staff
Updated May 26, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Lowering the Boom
Kevin Spacey’s new movie The Big Kahuna features one big mistake. In an early scene with Spacey’s fellow salesman Peter Facinelli, a boom mic bobs down onto the screen, nearly brushing his head. ”I was pretty horrified,” Facinelli said at the film’s recent L.A. premiere. How does such a flub make it into a major release? Lions Gate declined to comment, but industry folks say several parties may share the blame — from the director to the theater projectionist who frames the image. Studios usually find ways to lift a sagging mic, including digital removal (for about $7,000). But The American Cinematographer‘s Stephen Pizzello says there’s a cheaper solution: ”Find a boom man with better biceps.”
Caryn Ganz and William Keck

That’s the Ticket
Hel-lo! And welcome to Moviefone’s newest feature: voice recognition. The film-ticketing service recently started allowing New York customers to simply say the name of the movie instead of punching it in on their keypads. But just how good is Mr. Moviefone’s hearing? EW took the service for a spin.

We said: ”Elían González” Mr. Moviefone replied: ”You have selected Valley of the Dolls.”

We said: ”Marisleysis González” Moviefone: Eyes Wide Shut

We said: ”Whassuuuppp!” Moviefone: [concert documentary] Wattstax

We said: ”Entertainment Weekly” Moviefone: Center Stage

We said: ”Damn!” Moviefone: Hamlet

We said: ”Who should replace Kathie Lee Gifford?” Moviefone: The Specialist

We said: ”John Travolta” Moviefone: Being John Malkovich

We said: ”Scientology” Moviefone: High Fidelity

We said: ”Wu-Tang Clan” Moviefone: Black and White

We said: ”777-FILM” Moviefone: The End of the Affair

The Freebie-Jeebies
The gross-out trend just will not die. This summer, studios are hyping their films’ vulgar charms with stomach-churning promotional graft. Here’s the low, lowdown.

Me, Myself & Irene — which features Jim Carrey battling a split personality — gave out a bottle of white jelly-bean ”pills” that supposedly cure schizophrenia. Side effects, it warns, include ”genital elephantiasis.” Gross-o-meter: 3 Yecchs

Road Trip — boasting Tom Green and a memorable sperm- bank scene — mailed a rubber glove, K-Y jelly, a specimen cup, and a dirty photo. 5 Yecchs

Big Momma’s House — with Martin Lawrence in plus-size drag — sent giant panties and a bra. We’re talking 50 DDDD. 4 Yecchs