Can we ever get enough of celeb websites? Heck, no — at least, not according to Jasper van Zandbeek and his cohorts at the Dutch Web shop NetVision, who sort through throngs of celeb cybershrines and select one per day to shove into the spotlight on Celebrity SIte of the Day. Among the earliest, now-archived favorites have been home pages celebrating Dana Delany, Uma Thurman, Tia Carrere, and Alyssa Milano; a site for She’s All That‘s Rachael Leigh Cook won the CSOTD laurel in December 1996. The NetVisionaries say they’re aiming to promote sites with ”good graphical layout, extensive information, [or] a unique topic,” but they keep their own graphics to a minimum, which allows for nimble navigation. The bad news: That huge archive contains dozens of sites that are now obsolete (which isn’t NetVision’s fault) and lacks a search function and an alphabetical index (which is). Even so, CSOTD has a legit claim to fame. B+