Tupac Shakur continues to sell records -- A fifth album from the murdered rapper is due out this fall

By Corey Takahashi
Updated May 19, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Hip-hop, ya don’t stop — especially when you’re Tupac Shakur. Since the rapper’s 1996 murder, his estate has released four albums, with another due this fall — and that’s not counting The Lost Tapes (Herb ‘n Soul), a just-out collection of pre-stardom rhymes. On April 26, Tupac’s estate sued the producers of Lost for trademark and copyright infringement. ”This is blatant stealing,” says attorney Donald David. (Lost producer James Dright’s spokeswoman says he’s countersuing, claiming he had a contract with Tupac.) Legal or not, ‘Pac’s posthumous works (nearly 10 million copies sold) suggest he’s a hip-hop Elvis. New albums ”definitely flame the ‘alive’ rumors,” says Arvand Elihu, who taught a UC Berkeley course on Tupac’s poetry. ”People think he’s in Jamaica making music. People refuse to let him go.” Since the estate still boasts 206 unreleased tracks, they won’t have to anytime soon.