Tom Green may leave his MTV show -- Find out why the actor wants to break his contract and other recent TV news, about shows from ''La Femme Nikita'' to ''Futurama''

Greener Pastures?
Tom Green has done plenty of shocking things on TV, from painting his parents’ house plaid to throwing up in his own scuba mask. But will his next stunt be a disappearing act? Sources close to Green’s self-titled show say the kooky host — who’s been on hiatus recovering from testicular cancer — doesn’t want his MTV anymore and plans to leave the series to focus on a budding movie career. (After Road Trip, he’ll star in The Monster and Freddy Got Fingered — plus he’s shot a cameo for girlfriend Drew Barrymore’s Charlie’s Angels.) But Green’s manager, Howard Lapides, dismisses rumors that his client wants off the show. ”We’re not negotiating him out of the contract, we’re trying to find a way to work with MTV within the contract,” he says. ”Does he want to stop doing TV? No. Can he physically do the week-to-week grind? His doctors have asked that he doesn’t.” That could mean a limited number of episodes or specials, but an MTV spokeswoman would only say, ”We fully expect him to live up to the terms of [his] contract.” At the very least, he’ll be back on the net May 23 with The Tom Green Cancer Special.

More Gore on TV
Gore in 2000! That’s what they’re saying on the set of Futurama. Sources say Kristin Gore, the Vice President’s Harvard-grad daughter, is joining the writing staff of Fox’s animated comedy (on which the VP will guest May 21) come fall. Word has it Gore had already piqued Spin City‘s interest when Futurama stepped up to the plate. Her qualifications: a King of the Hill spec script and a stint on the Harvard Lampoon. ”The Lampoon, historically, has been a good breeding ground for many comedy writers who have gone into prime-time animation,” says one source familiar with the negotiations. But that’s not the only lure in hiring the presidential hopeful’s daughter. Says one talent rep: ”She’s got access to the White House, baby!” Oh yeah, that Al Gore is a veritable vault of hilarious jokes.

And So On…
Say goodbye to cable’s infamous butt-kicker La Femme Nikita. The USA Network has decided to scrap the four-year-old action series, which helped establish it as a viable home for original programming. The studio wouldn’t comment, but insiders say the Peta Wilson-starrer had simply ”run its course.” Wilson plans to move to New York City to pursue theater and movie opportunities…. Meanwhile, CBS has its eye on the TV movie prize: Besides telefilms on O.J. Simpson’s defense team, Elian Gonzalez, and Jacqueline Onassis, the net has also greenlit the Holocaust miniseries Haven, starring Natasha Richardson.

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