Realworlds: Wonder Woman

May 19, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

In the miniseries Realworlds, DC Comics imagines how its superhero images might manifest themselves in the real world. Thus, in the second entry Realworlds: Wonder Woman, by Glen Hanson, Allan Neuwirth, and Salgood Sam, Wonder Woman is a popular post-World War II character played by Brenda Kelly in a series of cheap movie serials. Kelly is asked by her studio to make personal appearances promoting anticommunist propaganda. She resists and is caught up in McCarthy-era oppression that calls for Wonder Womanly strength. Sam’s clever art is part newspaper comic strip and part woodcut, while writers Hanson and Neuwirth freshen the Hollywood-blacklist theme with a sweetly upbeat ending. B+

Realworlds: Wonder Woman

Glen Hanson,
Allan Neuwirth
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Realworlds: Wonder Woman

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