Kevin Richardson's VH1 Skirt -- Backstreet Boy's stylist says the wrap was a fashion success

By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated May 19, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Kevin Richardson’s VH1 Skirt

It’s been weeks since Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson sported a frock-y getup at VH1’s Men Strike Back, but the question lingers: Why did he wear a skirt? A creation of New York City designer Curtis Garrett, Richardson’s surprise pick was inspired by the ethnic-fashion boom. ”Edgier designers have been putting men in kilts, skirts, saris, and wraps,” says Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, the Boys’ stylist (she’s not responsible for their matching basketball jerseys). After Richardson’s decision to go dress-y, Rosenzweig gave him several options, and he ended up with the buzz-worthy Garrett skirt over Helmut Lang pants. ”You risk being on worst-dressed lists, but Kevin can pull things off. He’s got a spiritual thing,” she says. Fans may not have wanted Kevin that way, but Rosenzweig says Garrett’s silky wool creation was ”a hit in New York,” where John Bartlett showed his butcher aprons last winter. As for the other Boys, ”they were like, ‘We heard Kevin’s wearing a dress!’ Then they saw it…and loved it.”