But her new movie has Cannes attendees divided between those who love it or hate it

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
Updated May 17, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: AP Photo/Laurent Rebours
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At last, a lovely, lovely day with nothing to do but see movies…. Started this morning with ”Dancer in the Dark,” the Lars von Trier movie starring Björk. It’s very upsetting and bleak and pretty funky since it’s a Dogma… musical. Yes, indeedy. Björk is a wonderful actress, but I found it jarring that she would suddenly burst into song.

Reaction to the film is mixed on the extreme side — I overheard several people saying ”loved, loved, loved,” and ”cried like a baby,” and another couple saying they didn’t like it at all. Still, the fans of the movie seem to be in the majority, so it will be interesting to read the reviews. The movie premieres tonight, with a party afterwards at a villa, to which I wasn’t invited, which means a free, nonworking dinner — yeah!

This afternoon, I went to see ”The Yards,” Miramax’s movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix, who is looking most excellently studly, and James Caan. It’s a kind of ”Godfather”-esque, Mafia-ish story about… Manhattan’s subway cars, or more accurately, the company that takes care of them.

Tonight, at 11:30, is the Cure by the Shore event held yearly to raise money for cancer research, although it’s always one of the most lavish fetes at the festival, so it’s hard to know how they could be raising much money, given what they’re spending on champagne and caviar and flowers. Sela Ward is the hostess, and it’s a good drive-by for celebrity spotting and quotes.

Tomorrow is our next to last day — weee! We have the new Ang Lee movie in the morning, and then the screening of Kenneth Branagh’s ”Love’s Labours Lost” (another musical — what’s going on with this?), and then the AMFAR dinner. It’s usually held at a villa with an auction beforehand; this year it’s at a disco with a Victoria’s Secret fashion show beforehand. We can only hope for the best….

Dancer in the Dark

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