By Noah Robischon
May 12, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

The big summer movie season is almost upon us—which means that the websites for Big Summer Movies are already up. This year, the studios have learned their lessons from The Blair Witch Project—there are games, rare videos, documentaries, and animations. Will such goodies be exciting enough to reverse the season’s traditional online usage slump? I’ll ponder that while tanning on the beach. Meanwhile, a guide to help you judge the online surf for yourself:

M:I-2 (Paramount, May 24) SITE THEME Your mission, should you accept it, is to fork over your demographic info to Paramount’s marketing department. HIGHLIGHTS Slickly designed, insanely Flash-heavy online experience lets you play eight ”missions” and communicate with other ”agents-in-training.” According to moldy PR bios here, Tom Cruise’s next film will be Magnolia. WHERE TO SURF NEXT Good Morning, Mr. Phelps (, a fan site devoted to the original TV series. B-

TITAN A.E. (Fox, June 16) www. SITE THEME Build a cruiser or join a crew and save the human race from genocide by the Drej—just like in the animated movie voiced by Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore. Humans who persuade the most friends to join up at this gorgeous, high-tech site win prizes. HIGHLIGHTS Crews from the current fleet of 32,500 online ships quickly learned how to add fake names to the roster, thus increasing their prizewinning chances. Now cheaters will be sent to a slave colony and have their storehouses raided. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen in the movie. WHERE TO SURF NEXT Russian Prison Tattoos ( B

THE PERFECT STORM (Warner Bros., June 30) SITE THEME Big waves. And George Clooney. HIGHLIGHTS Coming soon, a 14-minute documentary about the real ’91 storm that includes amateur footage of 35-foot swells, shots from inside the storm taken on the Andrea Gail’s sister ship, and interviews with Gloucester, Mass., fishermen. Plus, footage from the Coast Guard’s rescue attempt, and a ”making of” the film’s rescue scene. WHERE TO SURF NEXT The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s tropical-storm and hurricane-watch information and preparedness page ( A-

THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE (Universal, June 30) http://www.rockyandbull SITE THEME Hey, look! It’s Universal pulling an animation/live action movie starring Robert De Niro out of its hat! HIGHLIGHTS Hardly anything about the film, but a nice tribute to Jay Ward, who also created Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Captain Crunch, and Dudley Do-Right. Features include ancient videos of Bullwinkle’s sock-puppet origins. WHERE TO SURF NEXT De Niro fan page Bob Web (wkweb5.cableinet., to put the star’s performance as Fearless Leader into perspective. C+

THE PATRIOT (Sony, June 30) SITE THEME Freedom. The freedom to access a bio and photos of Mel Gibson. The freedom to post rants about the right to bear arms on the bulletin board. The freedom to drum your fingers during the excruciatingly slow downloads. HIGHLIGHTS A Revolutionary War time line that mingles the film’s characters with actual events; 13 storyboard paintings (one for each colony!); a pace to tax the patience of a minuteman. WHERE TO SURF NEXT The History Place: American Revolution ( D+