Junior journalists came, saw, and conquered EW on Take Our Daughters to Work Day

By John Squires
Updated May 12, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

From the mouths of babes: after interviewing Saturday Night Live comedian Ana Gasteyer (she of the ”Martha Stewart’s Topless Christmas” skit), A TOPLESS COMIC BARES ALL all was just one of the more provocative headlines dreamed up by intrepid girl reporters during EW’s eighth annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

A press pool of 37 girls, ages 9 to 15, were on a mission to create their own mini-EW, and quizzed cover subject Gasteyer for a good 40 minutes. ”Do you have a boyfriend?” asked Tiffany Harris, 10. ”I’m married—that’s like boyfriend squared,” Gasteyer quipped. And while the group couldn’t hound the comic into revealing her exact age (we later determined that she’s 32), they did get other scoops—like her fears (heights), favorite SNL music guest (Beck), and early TV work (she got yelled at by the Seinfeld Soup Nazi).

The reporters really took to their subject. ”It was great seeing her and knowing that this is the girl from Saturday Night Live—and I’m interviewing her,” says Lily Schwarzbaum, 9. ”She seemed nice and open, and she did her Celine Dion impression,” says Jaya Saxena, 13. The admiration was mutual: ”It was a great interview—it felt really personal,” says Gasteyer. ”They seemed interested, as opposed to just grilling for news.”

After a photo shoot with Gasteyer, the girls brainstormed headlines and rushed to select their favorite photos of the comedian. ”The hardest thing was writing so quickly,” says Julia Fowkes, 9. The process was aided by EW staffers, who were impressed by the girls’ level of involvement. ”They’re very opinionated,” says Allyssa Lee, an EW reporter who headed one group. ”They’re bright, insightful, and not afraid to ask questions.” That inquisitiveness was channeled in the afternoon, as the group received a crash course in marketing from the EW business side, then talked with Delia’s catalog fashion mavens Mary Obert and Ellie Abrons about clothing design. The day’s events may inspire a few budding fashionistas—and perhaps some future Entertainment Weekly employees. Molly Vinicor, 9, says she’d like to be a photographer, especially if she could snap shots of the Irish girl group B*Witched. And Rebecca Fisher, 14, plans to be a magazine journalist. ”That’s my real talent—writing,” she says. Keep us posted, Rebecca.