Plus, Tenacious D sell out
Jonathan Davies
Credit: Ross Halfin/Retna

Maestro Jonathan Davis? This summer, the Korn frontman will trade his bagpipes for a baton. He’ll be writing a full orchestral score with composer Richard Gibbs (”10 Things I Hate About You”) for ”Queen of the Damned,” a film based on Anne Rice’s erotic vampire novel. ”At first, the movie people were skeptical,” Davis admits. ”I had to convince them it wouldn’t sound like Korn or heavy metal.”

The singer describes the sound as ”really gothic and atmospheric but still heavy.” Currently in preproduction, the film also features new Davis songs for Lestat, Rice’s suave bloodsucking rock star, to lip-synch. Sounds even scarier than a Korn show.

D-Day ”F— you, the D is not for sale!” said Anthrax’s Scott Ian, reading Tenacious D’s statement to an industry-heavy crowd at the April 19 New York City D gig. But in fact, the farcical folk-metal duo, fronted by Jack Black (”High Fidelity”) and Kyle Gass, IS on the block — and at the center of a bidding war., Epic, Virgin, TVT, V2, and Columbia all think the D (which broke doing goofy HBO promos in ’97, and went on to open for Beck and Pearl Jam) can D-liver. ”I’ve seen and heard them and can say we passionately believe in Tenacious D,” says prexy Andy Schuon. ”We were fans before ‘High Fidelity.”’ With luck, the debut disc will coincide with a feature film about the D, now being developed by Ben Stiller.

Queen of the Damned
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