EW Online rates the actors' chances for Hollywood survival

By Sandra P. Angulo
Updated May 03, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Randall Michelson/Ipol

Wednesday, May 3, America bids farewell to its favorite orphans since that perky little Annie: the Salinger clan on ”Party of Five.” Through the show’s six seasons, we’ve seen Charlie, Julia, Bailey, and Claudia battle alcoholism, cancer, divorce, physical abuse, and worst of all, bad ratings. So what will the faux siblings do now that Fox has said sayonara? EW Online rates the star’s chances of post-”Party” Hollywood survival.

Matthew Fox (Charlie Salinger)
STATS 33 years old, four film and TV projects
HISTORY This former football-playing Ivy Leaguer became a Salinger after the zombie teen movie ”My Boyfriend’s Back” and the short-lived series ”Freshman Dorm.” During his six years at ”PO5,” Fox has taken only one role, in the TV movie ”Behind the Mask.”
PLANS His publicist declined to comment — never a good sign.
BOTTOM LINE Based on his lack of extra-”Party” experience, we vote Fox the Salinger most likely… to end up the Kirk Cameron of the ’00s.

Scott Wolf (Bailey Salinger)
STATS 31 years old, six movies
HISTORY Wolf starred in three films during his ”PO5” hiatuses, and he has chosen carefully: closeted soap star in the indie favorite ”Go”; teen hero in the Ridley Scott disaster film ”White Squall”; and Juliette Lewis’ boyfriend in the ”Terms of Endearment” sequel, ”The Evening Star.”
PLANS Wolf’s publicist says the single actor is currently on vacation visiting his family, but he has a lot of film and TV projects to sift through when he returns.
BOTTOM LINE If he chooses well, Wolf’s looks and charisma could make him TV’s answer to Tom Cruise.

Neve Campbell (Julia Salinger)
STATS 26 years old, 23 film and TV projects
HISTORY Campbell has worked more than any of her on-screen siblings since ”PO5” started. She struck gold as Sidney in the megasuccessful ”Scream” franchise and the sexy thriller ”Wild Things.” But Campbell also starred in the flop ”54” and the recent box office disaster ”Three to Tango.”
PLANS Next up: the low-budget Alan Rudolph comedy ”Investigating Sex,” opposite Nick Nolte and her ”Craft” costar Robin Tunney; the Canadian ”coming of age” pic ”Christmas With J.D.” with her brother Christian; and ”Move,” a drama about a young dancer that Campbell is also producing.
BOTTOM LINE If she sidesteps the bombs, Campbell could ride her ”Scream” success straight to the A list.

Lacey Chabert (Claudia Salinger)
STATS 17 years old, 19 film and TV projects
HISTORY Chabert started ”Party of Five” when she was 11. She starred in the big-budget remake ”Lost in Space” and has lent her voice to eight animated films and videos, including Disney’s ”Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” opposite costar Campbell.
PLANS Next up: ”Tart,” an indie drama about upper-crust private-school girls, costarring Bijou Phillips, Dominique Swain, and Melanie Griffith. Chabert says she’s just finished reading 15 film scripts: ”For every 10 that I read, I like half, so there’s about three I’m interested in.” (Okay, so math isn’t her strong suit.) Though she’s been approached for several TV pilots, Chabert has her eyes set on just one thing: ”Longevity is important to me, so I’m not interested in running out and starring in every teen movie that comes my way.”
BOTTOM LINE With such wisdom (she even plans to go to college), Chabert could end up the Helen Hunt of Generation Y.