Top secret movie dish goes public on 4Filmmakers.

By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 28, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, Tom Cruise has M:I-2 coming out, but did you know he might be attached to play a Nobel Prize-winning schizophrenic mathematician in A Beautiful Mind? If information is the currency of power in Hollywood, ( is making virtual millionaires out of Web-surfing movie fans. Providing details on projects in various stages of development — the kind studios have previously been able to keep under lock and key — the site was started in April by NYU Law student David Alpert, who says he gets his info from inside-the-industry volunteers. It’s a logical, hard-data outgrowth of such homegrown movie-news sites as Ain’t It Cool News, and it has Hollywood types thrilled and buyers circling. “If I like a spec script but I hear that another producer has something similar, I can check it out on 4Filmmakers, and that will affect whether or not I’m going to get involved,” says Doug Davison, vice president of Mad Chance Films (Space Cowboys).

And since the site is free — unlike such similar but costly services as and Artisan Network ( — garden-variety moviegoers are grooving on it too. “The main purpose is to serve screenwriters, executives, directors, and agents,” says Alpert. “But we also want to be the website for watercooler Bobs, those guys who want all the inside info on Hollywood. Mainstream America wants this information. I mean, come on, even my grandmother knows weekend grosses.” With this site, she could probably get her own three-picture deal.