EW tells you what the TV great is up to these days

By John Sellers
Updated April 21, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis Sygma

We all know that papa-to-be Jerry Seinfeld has been busy in the bedroom. But to paraphrase the comic himself, What is the deal with this guy’s career? Appearances to the contrary, Jerry hasn’t yet retired. In fact, EW has learned, the 45 year old neatnik has been quietly sneaking back into showbiz.

To wit: Seinfeld has agreed to cooperate on a documentary of his life, brought to you by the folks behind his American Express commercials. And, according to a source, Jerry recently dropped by the L.A. offices of Michael Richards’ upcoming yet-to-be-titled NBC sitcom, where he scripted punchlines for the first episode. But mostly Seinfeld’s been doing frequent surprise walk-ons at New York City comedy clubs — including the Gotham Comedy Club, the Comedy Cellar, and Stand-Up New York — to test-drive about half an hour of new material.

”When the emcee announces him, nobody claps, because they can’t believe it’s really him,” says Chris Mazzilli of Manhattan’s Gotham Comedy Club. When they realize it’s no joke, ”there’s a standing ovation.” Among Seinfeld’s new bits: what it’s like to wear a wedding band; the intense peer pressure of New York’s stroller-pushing parents; and his purchase of Billy Joel’s insanely pricey Hamptons house. Afterward, Seinfeld lets the audience quiz him about his plans — which apparently don’t include TV or movies. Reports Mazzilli, ”He says, ‘I just want to do stand-up.”’ That is, of course, when he’s not ”seeing the bay-bee.”