The lowdown on Lowes and Rowes--We break down the facts about Chad Lowe, Brad Rowe, Tad Low and Shad Roe

By Will Lee
Updated April 14, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

The lowdown on Lowes and Rowes

Chad Lowe
Lowdown Brother of Rob; teacher on The WB’s Popular
Low Point Forgotten by wife Hilary Swank in her Oscar acceptance speech

Brad Rowe Lowdown Brad Pitt look-alike; star of Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss and NBC’s upcoming The ’70s
Low Point His ABC show, Wasteland, lasted only three episodes

Tad Low
Lowdown Cocreator of VH1’s hit Pop-Up Video; disrupted last month’s TV Guide Awards with an anti-Carson Daly rant
Low Point Dubbed ”biggest idiot on TV” by EW in 1994

Shad Roe
Lowdown Edible herring eggs; springtime staple of Northeastern country-club cuisine
Low Point Reported scarce in the waters of the Hudson River in the late ’90s