Plus, Annette Bening, Jet Li, Matt Dillon, Bill Murray, ''Bridget Jones's Diary,'' and more

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TOGETHER AGAIN… AGAIN If you thought that last year’s Who concerts were their final goodbye, well, you just got fooled again. The band’s remaining trio — Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Pete Townshend — held a press conference to announce a summer reunion tour (starting on June 25 in Chicago). Daltrey and Townshend also said that while they would try to work together on some new songs during the tour, that was ”a hope, not a promise.” The prospect of just sticking to the same old songs didn’t seem to bother any of them: According to Daltrey, ”when we play new songs, half the audience goes to the bathroom or to the bar…. [The old music] is nostalgia, but it’s also my life. That’s my blood, sweat, a lot of tears, and a lot of broken bones that went into those songs.” If you want a taste of past nostalgia to get psyched for some brand-new nostalgia, you can order a live recording of last year’s Who charity concerts called ”The Blues to the Bush,” available only on the Web at

IT’S OUT! Annette Bening gave birth to a baby girl, although her spokeswoman would not reveal the baby’s age, its weight, nor when it was born. Perhaps all the details will be revealed by Warren Beatty in a long, rambling press conference in which Jack Nicholson will stand behind him leering self-satisfyingly and waving a rattle.

CASTING Universal is wooing Jet Li to play the Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato (a role originally played by Bruce Lee) for a movie version of the 1966 TV series. (No one has been cast as the Hornet yet.) This revival may be hampered by the fact that the only people nostalgic for ol’ Greenie are six 50-year-old shut-ins still living with their parents. Sure, THEY’LL buy ”Green Hornet” T-shirts, but how many?… Matt Dillon will play the FBI-agent partner of Sandra Bullock, who goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant in ”Miss Congeniality.” You’ve heard the term ”high concept”? With this movie, it just got two inches higher…. Two therapists (James Spader and Lara Flynn Boyle) will try to straighten out a squabbling couple (Jay Mohr (”Action”) and Melora Walters (”Magnolia”) in ”Speaking of Sex,” to be directed by John McNaughton (”Wild Things”). McNaughton’s frequent star Bill Murray (”Things,” ”Mad Dog and Glory”) may costar as a lawyer…. Colin Firth (”Shakespeare in Love”) will play love interest Mark Darcy in ”Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

ON HER OWN Poor Monica Lewinsky has been dumped again, this time by Jenny Craig. The diet chain has started a new ad campaign without the ex-intern, although a spokesperson for the company was careful to tell Reuters that all is still friendly with Lewinsky, it was just a matter of deciding to have new commercials focus on the Craig program, not a client’s success. Perhaps Lewinsky can form a support group for ex-diet-pluggers with Tommy Lasorda, rumored to still be performing Slim-Fast ads — alone in his closet.

OFF THE AIR Hank Azaria (”Fail Safe”) has backed out of the ABC sitcom pilot he was slated to appear in. He was going to play a TV news producer/family man in the untitled project, but he decided that the show wouldn’t be ready by early May, when it was scheduled to be delivered to the network. ”I felt there was not adequate time to prepare and present our best work,” Azaria told the Hollywood Reporter. (That didn’t stop the stars of ”Daddio.”) ABC and the show’s production company, Imagine, said they respected his decision and that they are now aiming for a mid-season slot with a new star.

STOP THE MUSIC Huey Lewis has declined to allow his 1980s hit ”Hip 2 Be Square” to be included on the ”American Psycho” soundtrack album, even though it appears in the movie in a particularly violent scene. This was a recent decision, according to MTV News, as the song was featured on early press-release versions of the soundtrack. Lewis gave no reason for the change of heart, but it sure couldn’t be for fear of overexposure.

OBITUARY Larry Linville, who played memorable weasel Frank Burns on TV’s ”M*A*S*H,” died Monday at 60 of complications from pneumonia. Linville starred on the sitcom for its first five years, starting in 1972.

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