EW asks the model mom about her new workout tape, new movie, and... ''Fair Game 2''?

By Scott Brown
April 10, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT
Gregory Pace/Corbis Sygma

This week, Cindy Crawford returns to the workout world with her guide to postpartum pulse-raising, ”Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension.” EW took the model mom to the mat for 10 stupid questions about health, hubby Rande Gerber, and those krazy kegels.

1. Okay, I’ve got the tape. How long before I look like you?
If you’re 5’2”, I don’t care how many times you do the tape, you’re not going to be 5′ 9 1/2”….
Um…. I’m 5′ 3 1/2”
All of those products are about being the best you you can be, not about being me. Hopefully that’s the underlying message.

2. Right. Well, besides being short, I’m also lazy: I haven’t made it through Workout C. Is there a twist ending, like in ”The Sixth Sense”?
It’s pretty predictable.

3. We see clips of Rande changing young Presley Walker Gerber throughout the video — does he ever finish?
He actually doesn’t. Maybe in the sequel.

4. Sequel, huh? Will you synchronize the release of your next video with the release of your next baby?
No, I can just use this one for my next kid.

5. What exactly are kegel exercises and how will they make America strong?
[They condition] the muscle that controls the stream of urine. You want everything in your body to be firm. If you need me to explain how they’ll make America strong, I’ll refer you to Dr. Ruth.

6. Let’s talk about your ill-fated 1998 TV special. Tell me about the morning after ”Sex With Cindy Crawford.” Did you feel ”different”?
I felt used and disappointed. But I’m proud of the show. It was bad timing.

7. You recently finished an indie film, ”The Simian Line,” with William Hurt. Were there actual monkeys involved?
The closest thing we had to a monkey was Harry Connick Jr.

8. You have abs of steel. I have abs of oatmeal. Is it realistic for me to aim for, say, abs of mild cheddar?
That might be a good place to start. Actually, my abs never were of steel. I’d say they were a firm mattress.

9. Care to address the rumors of ”Fair Game 2”?
That’s a nasty rumor. I don’t think you could get that team together again. Especially the director.

10. Who was the director, anyway?