By Ken Tucker
Updated April 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Two of the most successful yuppie sitcoms have merited book-length versions of the parlor game tucked into The ER Companion. Both What’s Your Friends I.Q.?, by the same Stephen Spignesi, and What’s Your Mad About You I.Q.?, by — hey, whattaya know? — the prolific Mr. Spignesi, feature hundreds of ”Questions and Answers for Fans.” I submit that any ”fan” who plunks down a 10-spot to apply brain cells to answering questions such as ”What was the name of the East German laundry detergent Ross brought to his ‘laundry date’ with Rachel?” is a person deeply in need of a life, or at least a summer spent reading Remembrance of Things Past, by Marcel ”Mookie” Proust. What’s Your Friends I.Q.? D
What’s Your Mad About You I.Q.? D