What people will buy--Some interesting auction items online, from David Letterman's gum to a life-size Elvis

By Gillian Flynn
Updated April 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

We all have needs. Some come in the shape of, say, Fran Drescher’s pants from The Nanny. Others resemble a Mr. T inflatable punchball. Bless Internet auction sites: Whatever your pop-culture jones, your fix is but a click away. Here’s a recent sampling (along with minimum asking bids).

Off the Menu
· Gum purportedly chewed by David Letterman and deposited in a Playboy Resort ashtray during an early-’80s appearance in Lake Geneva, Wis. ($10 on eBay)
· Six-pack of Three Stooges Beer ($14.99 on Yahoo!)

Chicks’ll Dig It
· Star Trek: Voyager tricorder prop ($150 on eBay)
· A brick, a nail, a piece of a wall, some wallpaper, and dirt from the house in the Blair Witch Project (winning bid: $42.51 on eBay)
· Galaxy Quest vox communicator prop ($200 on eBay)
· The Nightmare Before Christmas light-up puppet (winning bid: $5,100 on eBay)

Literary Gems
· Assortment of four Hee Haw magazines ($9.99 on Yahoo!)
· Collection of Justine Bateman newspaper clippings ($3.85 on eBay)

Star Hand-Me-Downs
· Burt Reynolds’ shirt from Smokey and the Bandit ($895 on eBay)
· John Travolta’s Staying Alive outfit ($2,900 on eBay)
· Julianne Moore’s robe and nightgown from Magnolia ($25 on NewLine.com)

Martha Stewart Decorating Ideas
· Marilyn Monroe life-size statue ($725 on eBay)
· Elvis Presley life-size statue ($700 on eBay)
· Blues Brothers life-size statues (winning bid: $1,425 on eBay)