Oscars by numbers--We total the telecast's fascinating factoids

By Ken Tucker
Updated April 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

33 Number of times the camera cut to Annette Bening
02 Number of references to 1987’s Jaws The Revenge
05 Number of ”I see dead people” jokes
04 Number of Oscars The Matrix won
03 Number of Oscars won by Cider House Rules, Insider, Sixth Sense, Hurricane, Tumbleweeds, Boys Don’t Cry, Music of the Heart, and Green Mile combined
04 Number of women Warren Beatty has been linked with romantically who appeared in his taped tribute
0.5 Number of times Russell Crowe smiled
03 Number of attendees wearing sunglasses in the auditorium (Jack Nicholson, Isaac Hayes, and Ray Charles)
01 Number of references to the Golden Globes
42 Number of minutes before the night’s first major award (Best Supporting Actress) was presented
61 Number of minutes between the presentation of Best Supporting Actress and the night’s second major award (Best Supporting Actor)
00 Number of award winners who cried
02 Number of boys who cried (Chad Lowe, and Angelina Jolie’s brother Jamie)
04 Number of standing ovations (for Michael Caine, Warren Beatty, Andrzej Wajda, and the Burt Bacharach medley)
01 Number of future Oscar recipients referred to as ”Miss Thing” (Angelina Jolie, by Tyra Banks)
02 Number of references to Joan Rivers’ placenta (by Joan Rivers in her E! preshow)