Oscar style 2000--This year's best- and worst-dressed awards for Hilary Swank, Tom Cruise and more

By Degen Pener
Updated April 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Oscar style 2000

Hilary Swank
Mane Event Darkened for the night, Hilary Swank’s ‘do was the result of three types of styling products (wax, hair thickener, and spray).
Choked Up Made for a real princess, one of Queen Victoria’s daughters, in 1890 by Asprey & Garrard, the stunning $250,000 necklace was reacquired by the company just two weeks before the Oscars. It can be turned into a tiara in a pinch. Good to know for the new queen of Hollywood.
Cinderella Story ”She woke up feeling like a princess Saturday morning,” says her stylist, Jessica Paster. So Swank chose the bronze Randolph Duke ball gown (made from vintage French silk) over her other choice, a sleek Christian Dior. With only a day left before the show, Duke’s seamstress rushed to fit the dress. Says Duke: ”It was in surgery for about 12 hours.”
Bag Check Created in Paris by Swarovski on Saturday, it was flown in Sunday. Via the Concorde, natch.
Grade: B+

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
Lamé Have It Nicole Kidman’s bias-cut gown by Christian Dior’s John Galliano was a color replay of her ’97 gown. ”Nicole was banking on this dress and that’s all she tried on,” says a Dior rep. ”There wasn’t any other choice.”
Cruise Wear Tom Cruise’s natty navy tux was created by Savile Row designer Timothy Everest. His shaggy hair made for a laid-back look. Last-minute accessory? A Snickers bar handed to him by a German interviewer on the way in.
Golden Gloves All of Kidman’s ornaments — from the 17th-century gold-and-pearl drop earrings to the ruby-encrusted gold mesh gloves — were her own. In fact, the gauntlets were a gift from Cruise, who picked them up in Italy.
Train Wreck On the crowded red carpet, someone stepped on Kidman’s nearly two-foot-long train, causing a tiny tear. The actress refused offers of a seamstress — confident the dress would still hold.
Grade: B-

Cate Blanchett
Hair Tonic Cate Blanchett had the carpet’s sweetest-smelling hair. Hairstylist Danilo was thinking Indian princess, ”so I anointed her hair with orange blossom and lilac oil.” Stila’s Jeanine Lobell bronzed Blanchett’s face and body, and gave her a ”slightly Egyptian” smoky eye.
All the Raj It’s the Oscar-night version of the mehndi henna tattoo trend: Among the array of Indian jewelry from Cynthia Bach was an antique armband.
Welding Dress With Blanchett filming in Savannah, Ga., stylist Jessica Paster flew to the set with 50 dresses. She decided on Jean-Paul Gaultier. Only problem? The metal back had broken. Blanchett and Paster fretted until jeweler Bach welded it back together Saturday night. Now Blanchett wants to keep the dress.
Grade A

Charlize Theron
The Screen Siren Charlize Theron’s curvy Vera Wang was inspired by her latest movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, which is set in the ’30s. Not one to leave things to chance, Theron began working with Wang, who also selected the diamond clips from Fred Leighton, in early February. ”Nothing was last minute,” says stylist Cindy Evans.
Retrofitting Theron’s hair and makeup artist, Eric Barnard, studied photos of classic Hollywood beauties like Norma Shearer and Gloria Swanson for inspiration. Completion time: just under four hours.
Grade: A

Tyra Banks
Mood Indigo Tyra Banks seemed more like a Tara in this Scarlett O’Hara prom dress — the night’s biggest dud. What was she thinking? According to stylist Jimmy Hanrahan, Banks wanted to switch her sultry supermodel image for something more ”girlie and femme. You either love it or hate it. Tyra loved it.”
From a Distance With eight layers of billowing tulle, the pouf of this Vera Wang dress put miles between Banks and her subjects. ”When you wore a ball gown in the ’50s, [you] danced at a distance,” says Vera Wang’s Laura O’Brien. Which is fine for the dance floor, but not a good thing on the red carpet. Next year, Tyra, think column.
Grade: D

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Deep V Diver South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone spoofed the fashion parade with help from pal Karen Mann. Parker aped Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy getup but skipped the glue.
The Long and the Short Parker opted for green sequined boxers to hide the family jewels. ”They were nice and airy…good ventilation.”
Sparkle Plenty Stone’s only accessory was this rhinestone bracelet from Macy’s. Says Mann, ”That’s as far as he wanted to take it.” Of course, there were also the sunglasses — his own — and a cigarette behind his ear.
In the Pink Parker claims Gwyneth Paltrow was not amused when she spotted Stone’s update of her ’99 Oscar gown on the red carpet. ”I think she shot him a dirty look,” he says. ”It was very quick.”
Glass Slippers Mann used real rhinestone crystals from L.A.’s International Silks & Woolens on Parker’s Ralph Lauren thongs. ”He hasn’t seen the bills for those yet,” she says. Obviously not; when asked if they were real, Parker replied, ”Yeah, real plastic crystals.”
Grade: A+ (for sheer comic relief)