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By EW Staff
April 07, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

Jodie Foster may be a tough actress to follow, but most Silence of the Lambs fans are confident that Julianne Moore is the right woman to take on Hannibal. While Deborah K. Narug of Lansing, Ill., is a one-actress kind of gal — ”Bottom line: Jodie’s not in it, so don’t go see it!” — reader Daniel Burkett of Patchogue, N.Y., is gunning for Moore: ”With her no-nonsense looks and attitude, it’s a sure bet that Ms. Moore will be Oscar-bound once again the next time around.” And Adam Root of San Diego feels this is one sequel he’d like to sink his teeth into. ”The cast and crew for Hannibal will be different but just as amazing (I do thank God for Anthony Hopkins’ return),” he says. ”I can’t wait for dinner. I may even ask for seconds.”

Moore de Force
Thanks for the update on the casting of the next Silence of the Lambs saga, Hannibal (”Killer Instinct”). Being a big Lambs fan, I just ate up the Hannibal book. Jodie Foster will be missed, but the very sexy and talented Julianne Moore will make a great Clarice Starling. And Anthony Hopkins — there’s a killer connoisseur that couldn’t be replaced. It would be great if they could get Christopher Walken to play Mason Verger and Chyna from the WWF to play his sister, Margot. Thanks, Thomas Harris. Keep killing ’em.
Danny Reynolds
Port Deposit, Md.

What a delight to walk past the newsstand and see Julianne Moore poised perfectly on your cover. I have been a fan since her role in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. Daniel Fierman’s article shows the lengthy decision process in choosing Moore for the role of Starling, but there is no doubt in my mind that she will give her own unique spin to the character and will continue to draw even more fans to her stunning looks and alluring personality.
Kevin Goodchild
Whitby, Ontario

Along with millions of other fans I eagerly await the arrival of Hannibal. However, I take exception to the ridiculous statement that producer Dino De Laurentiis made regarding the casting of the movie. I’m sure that Ms. Moore will do an outstanding job, but only Jodie can capture the heart of Clarice. Wake up, Dino, this isn’t John Astin slipping into Frank Gorshin’s Riddler costume or, worse yet, Val Kilmer sliding into the codpiece made famous by Michael Keaton.
Thomas Amedio
Oswego, N.Y.

Radio Waves
It’s obvious that no one did their homework on the article about Dr. Laura (”Radio Static”). I have listened to Dr. Laura for the last six years. Some days she really ticks me off — usually because I know she is right. But most of the time she inspires me to be a better person. If tolerance is the goal, why can’t you accept that the conservative people in this country are entitled to their opinion, and although you do not agree, the Dr. Lauras of the world have just as much right to voice their convictions as anyone else?
Kristen Stez
Yorba Linda, Calif.

Concerning the Dr. Laura article: No judgment on my part, but such contempt and hate from one person sent up a red flag. Maybe she should turn her analysis on herself to find out what is causing such animosity.
Joe Munson
Missoula, Mont.

I just read Joe Keenan’s hilarious tale of a gay night with Dr. Laura. I was sure that it was a transcription of real events until I realized that cheese straws and roast would never be together on the strictly kosher menu at the good Dr.’s abode.
Colin Naughtin
Kansas City, Mo.

Harry’s True Man
Why all the confusion over who should direct the Harry Potter movie (”Potter’s Field”)? The perfect candidate has been making movies for Warner Bros. for years: Tim Burton. Let’s review: Ability to jump-start a franchise? Check (Batman). History of developing story lines involving orphans? Check (Edward Scissorhands, Batman again). Talent for creating mystical worlds with a vision unlike any other? Check (Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice — hell, everything the guy’s ever done). What more does Warner Bros. want?
Deb Medsker

Walken the Walk
Thank you for the fantastic profile on Christopher Walken (The Greats). I’m glad you didn’t follow an alphabetical-order format, or Chris’ fans would have had to wait a long time to see him featured. Chris Nashawaty presented a well-rounded and balanced portrait of a talented man who is often misunderstood. I’m looking forward to more profiles of great actors, but you’ve really outdone yourselves in this first one.
Cynthia J. Ley
Noblesville, Ind.

Corrections: Frasier executive producer Joe Keenan wrote last season’s episode starring Christine Baranski as on-air therapist Dr. Nora (Feud); eBay held its first online auction in September 1995 (Music); Capcom is currently developing a new game for Sony’s PlayStation 2 called Onimusha (”Let the Games Begin”).