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April 03, 2000 at 04:00 AM EDT

BACK TOGETHER…KIND OF The Beatles will be reuniting on the page, not the stage. The remaining trio has been working on a band history called the ”Beatles Anthology” for six years, and it will finally be released this fall, according to Reuters. In it, the band will tell its whole story, explaining all the drug taking and fighting that led to their breakup. Even though she didn’t write any of the book, Yoko Ono will get an even split of the profits with the trio, allowing longtime fans of the Beatles a rewarding bargain: Each new tome comes with a free brand new reason to resent Yoko.

TOP SELLER All the excitement about ‘N Sync’s record-breaking release has overshadowed another milestone: Shania Twain‘s ”Come on Over” has just become the best-selling album ever by a solo female artist, with 17 million copies sold. Now that that’s been addressed, you may now go back to writing ”I LUV JUSTIN” on your notebooks.

CHARGED Halle Berry has been charged with a misdemeanor of leaving an accident scene for her recent car crash, and not with the felony charge of hit-and-run, according to Reuters. The felony charge could have meant three years in jail, but the misdemeanor would max out at one year in prison and a $10,000 fine. Prosecutors decided on the lesser charge since they believed she only left the site of the Feb. 23 crash since she was dazed, as evidenced by the fact that she told the cops about the accident as soon as she arrived at the hospital to get 20 stitches in her head to close a gash. Hetal Raythatha, who was hit when Berry drove through a red light on L.A.’s Sunset Boulevard, suffered a broken wrist and is still filing a civil suit against Berry.

UNCIVIL ACTION Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx have settled a 1997 lawsuit filed against them by an African-American security guard. John Allen claimed the two tried to get the audience at a 1997 Motley Crüe concert in Greensboro, N.C., to attack him by yelling racial slurs about him. Allen originally sued for $75,000, but the amount of the final settlement is not being made public, according to the Associated Press. This wraps up this ugly chapter in the Crüe members’ lives, since the criminal charges have already been dealt with: Lee pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault (he poured beer on Allen’s head), and Sixx did the same to the charges of inciting a riot, simple assault, and disorderly conduct.

SPY KILLER The long legal battle over the rights to James Bond seems to be over. A federal judge has dismissed the claim of Kevin McClory, who cowrote 1965’s ”Thunderball,” that he still owned some rights to the Bond character. It was McClory who sparked the whole legal battle in 1997 between MGM (which produces the Bond films) and Sony, which bought the rights from McClory and was planning on making its own superspy movie. (MGM sued to stop the project, and the two studios finally settled last year.) The judge decided that McClory had waited too long to claim his rights to the character (he also wanted a share of MGM’s Bond movie grosses), considering he had had more than 30 years to state his claim, and that there was no willful copyright infringement on MGM’s part.

CASTING Thora Birch (”American Beauty”) will star in ”The Hole.” Sorry, ”Caged Heat” fans, it’s not a prison picture: It’s about four private school students who spend a weekend without any adults around…. Ice Cube will play one of the space colonists battling evil spirits in ”John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars.” Perhaps he can be convinced to record a tune for the soundtrack called ”F— Tha Martians”…. Jim Caviezel (”The Thin Red Line”) will take the lead in a remake of ”The Count of Monte Cristo.”

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