We grade gaming websites, like PlayStation 2 Web version

By Scott Brown
Updated March 31, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Gynocentric gaming sites are common nowadays, but how many have their own psychologist? Dr. Kathryn Wright of Raleigh, N.C., deconstructs the likes of Lara Croft alongside the staff’s reviews of games featuring ”digital women” (Space Bunnies Must Die rates among the worst). Relax, guys: Three thousand titles of varying genres reside in the Game Quest recommendation system, which lets newbies browse (and purchase) titles using such criteria as violence and, yes, character gender. Sharp, slick, and XX-rated. A-

Atari Gaming Headquarters
Sure, Sony’s PS2 will probably deliver a photo-realistic James Bond with an authentic English accent, but it’s still nice to reminisce about the days of Frogger, Dig-Dug, and ”bloop” noises. At John Hardie, Keita Iida, and Les Caron’s site, visitors can weep over screen shots from systems past and rejoice at news of remakes to come. You half expect Pac-Man to pop up singing ”My Way.” A

Work is slow. You need a diversion. But the boss is trolling the halls, so you’d better make it a quickie. For primitive, fast-loading thrills, zoom to Ben Librojo’s compact trove of arcade classics, including some nifty tank sims (lob regular polygons at other regular polygons!) along with the obligatory Asteroids and Space Invaders knockoffs. The real plus: The controls are fairly responsive (given a reasonably speedy connection), so you can frag and flee before the boss reduces you to regular polygons. B+

PlayStation 2 Web (ps2web.com)
It may not have the greased-lightnin’ graphics of its raison d’être, but this news-stuffed temple to Sony’s much-anticipated joy box looks so good, you’d mistake it for an official site. Rob Howard and his Manlius, N.Y.-based staff even have a Japan office — so naturally they’ve scored screen shots from more than 35 upcoming games for the PS2. All this, plus a dig at Jennifer Lopez, whom the team drolly suspects in a string of PS2 larcenies in Japan. A

Movie Boss (movieboss.com)
If you’re reading this magazine, chances are you’re the type who gets pretty depressed when there’s nothing good at the multiplex. Now imagine you own the multiplex — that’s the conceit (and the challenge) of Movie Boss, where you book real films (à la Hollywood Stock Exchange) and take the fall if they fail at the box office. Choose wisely and build a cinema empire — or bank on a three-hour space opera starring Cheech Marin and wind up with your Dolby in hock. B+