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By EW Staff
Updated March 31, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

The world’s most famous bombshell, Pamela Anderson Lee, on our cover triggered an explosive reader reaction. ”I was actually embarrassed as I took the magazine out of my mailbox and had to carry it to my apartment,” writes Sarvenaz Taghavian of New York City. ”I got quite a few looks, and even felt the need to point out that it wasn’t Penthouse.” And Tanya Gouthro of Calgary thinks in the case of Ms. Lee, more would be more: ”It’s not like I don’t respect the woman for her tenacity and business savvy, but pleeeze…. How about taking some pictures of her in, say…I don’t know…khakis?”

Wham Pam!
Omigod! What a treat: Pamela Anderson Lee gracing your cover (”The Bod Squad”)! As a loyal fan and follower of this sexy, voluptuous woman, it is great watching her grow as a first-class actress (really). So, kudos to EW for noticing that Lee is more than a pretty face!
Chad Sexton
Oneida, Tenn.

I was all ready to open a six-pack on my husband for getting a subscription to Hustler. Then I noticed, much to my dismay, it was my Entertainment Weekly! Please, Pamela, many of your fellow females enjoyed you so much more when you got rid of Tommy and bought some nice clothes. Now that you are back with him, why do you feel the need to take them off again?
Lori L. Colbeck
Rapid City, S.D.

Guilty as Charged
Al Jarreau, a ”guilty pleasure”? Pleasure…absolutely! Guilty…not at all! Al Jarreau is one of the finest vocal talents in the music industry. You don’t have to be over 40 to appreciate his extraordinary gift.
Diane Allen
Farmington, Conn.

Finally someone else has recognized the true brilliance that is Xanadu. Olivia Newton-John in roller skates and leg warmers! Those awesome ELO tracks! A musical where ’40s meets ’80s? What were they thinking?! And what about the Village People’s Can’t Stop the Music? You’ve got to see it to believe it. Guilty pleasures or cinematic masterpieces?
Denny Garbuio
San Francisco

Please set Gillian Flynn’s mind at ease: She doesn’t have to stay up until 1 a.m. to see C. Thomas Howell. While Gillian’s not aware that C.T. stars in Peter Benchley’s Amazon, a weekly action- adventure, millions of viewers are — the drama made its premiere in September as the No. 1-rated new syndicated weekly hour and has held its own ever since. Amazon airs primarily in weekend afternoon and evening time periods. Hope this helps Gillian catch up on her favorite icon, not to mention more z’s.
Andi Sporkin
King World Productions, Inc.
Los Angeles