By David Kushner
March 31, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Fighting games have churned out a steady cast of superheroes, from Mortal Kombat’s spleen-busting Ginzu warriors to Shaolin Style’s real-life Wu-Tang Clan. So it’s about time that a bona fide martial-arts celeb like Jackie Chan had his own vehicle. In Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PlayStation), the wisecracking Rush Hour star gets digitized for a suitably quirky action-adventure. As Chan, you chop through subways and fire escapes, gobbling up Chinese takeout for energy as you take out the Mob. Despite being motion-captured, the character moves with remarkably fluid precision — all the better to pull off dynamic punches and kicks. It makes for some lively urban action, peppered with the superstar’s own sound bites (”Think you can beat me!?!”). In other words, Stuntmaster’s a lot like a Chan flick: fast on action, short on story. In a videogame, at least, the formula works. B