Bruce Cutler and ''Cooking with Ricky Martin'' made book news for March 31, 2000

By Matthew Flamm
Updated March 31, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Bruce Cutler, defender of former Teflon Don John Gotti, has made a high-five-figure deal with Crown Publishers to write the story of his career as a criminal defense attorney. Cutler recently visited his old client at the U.S. penitentiary in Marion, Ill., and received the ex-godfather’s blessing for the book. ”Gotti told him to be completely honest and tell everything,” says Steve Ross, editorial director of Crown, which also publishes Victoria Gotti, the don’s daughter. So does Cutler still maintain Gotti was just a businessman given a bum rap by the government? ”It’s hard to say at this point if he will talk about Gotti as a Mob figure,” says Ross, who plans to publish in 2002.

Linda Denizard, Ricky Martin‘s onetime personal chef and former executive chef of Casa Salsa, his South Beach restaurant, has signed a six-figure deal with New American Library to write Cooking With Ricky. The book will include an introduction by Ricky, at least 60 photographs — some actually of food — and anecdotes about Ricky’s favorite dishes. Oh yeah, and recipes. ”This will be a very important cookbook because there’s very little on Puerto Rican cooking,” insists NAL’s Carolyn Nichols. Okay, but how many of Martin’s fans cook? ”His demographics cover a wide set of age groups,” Nichols responds. Look for Cooking With Ricky in spring 2001.