Andrea Marcovicci hits the road again--We love the cabaret singer and her many shows planned for this year

By Daniel Okrent
Updated March 31, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Andrea Marcovicci hits the road again

How much of a sucker am I for Andrea Marcovicci? In Esquire, in 1991, I said: ”When she’s on stage and singing to you alone, she’s the one true love of your life and your wife is just your roommate.” Since then, I’ve written about her with equivalent, drooling ardency in Life, Time, and Fortune. If Footwear News or Industrial Wastewater could accommodate a column about cabaret singers, I’d write about her there, too. I even hired her to sing at my 50th birthday party, which didn’t exactly eliminate the sting of turning 50, but at least it enabled me to enter my dotage escorted by the twin virtues of style and passion.

Those are only two of the traits that define this most stylish and most passionate of cabaret artists; she’s also the wittiest, and she’s terrific to look at, too. But it’s her recent act that brings us here today: Our Songs, a stunning show fashioned from the works of Lennon and McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and their contemporaries. Of course it’s literate and amusing and tuneful, like all of Marcovicci’s work. It also has the power of revelation, freshening and enhancing the soundtrack of an entire generation.

For the next several months, Marcovicci will be engaged in her characteristically peripatetic trek across the continent, doing Our Songs only occasionally. But the other acts she’s rotating through — songs associated with Mabel Mercer, songs from World War II, a centennial celebration of Kurt Weill — are all winners. You can tap into her schedule at for locale and ticket information; you can wait out the months before the release of the Our Songs CD with such superb and currently available discs as Just Kern, What Is Love?, or I’ll Be Seeing You; and if you renew your subscription to Accounting Today, you just may have the chance to read about her again as well. A