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By EW Staff
Updated March 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

All that talk about stars’ asking prices had readers feeling shortchanged. Denise of Columbus, Neb., for one, is not convinced they’re worthy of all those zeros: ”Not when farmers are lucky to see around $1.50 per bushel of corn! Where’s the fairness?” Kate McGuffin of Philadelphia isn’t too sure either: ”I mean, these people make movies. They are not doing groundbreaking cancer research or cleaning up the environment.” And you can add Kory Koontz of Sandy, Utah, to those with paycheck envy. ”While I wait for my script to sell and/or my acting talents to be discovered, I teach the fifth grade. This year I will make .0016 percent of what Leonardo DiCaprio makes per picture,” he wrote. ”Are they worth it? You do the math!”

Dollar Billings
”The Star Report” article was great at showing salaries of a wide range of actors, but I was mildly disappointed that the best modern actor was not profiled. Of course I’m talking about Kevin Spacey, who probably fits in between Matt Damon and Tom Cruise in salary. Also, kudos for your positive report on Sandra Bullock. Although she hasn’t lived up to her enormous potential just yet, her star still shines as brightly as her smile. And as an aside, Matt Damon and Edward Norton for around $7 million each? What a steal. They’re two of the most talented guys in the biz!
Peter Muhvic
Brampton, Ontario

Mel Gibson: is he worth $25 million? Heck, yes! He is one guy that is not afraid to do some of his own stunts and get his good looks messed up. ”Did fine with Conspiracy Theory (with Julia Roberts)”? My foot, they did great! Keep on making those movies, Mel!
Clemi Hacker
Concord, N.C.

My response to your article: Don’t show me the money. It’s a sad state of affairs when an actor’s worth is measured by the size of his paycheck and the first week’s grosses. How about a follow-up article on stars who work for less?
George Seamon
Toms River, N.J.

If actors were paid strictly according to talent, Ralph Fiennes and Morgan Freeman would be the richest actors in Hollywood.
Connie Wilson

I’ll admit it. I think Leo’s hot (I am a teenage girl after all). But $20 million worth of hot? I don’t think so.
Katie Nugent
Lincoln, Neb.

Word of Mouth
Didn’t Martin Lawrence use ”Whassuuup?!” on his show starting in 1992 (”The Scout”)? It may not be original to him, but it has been around a while.
Glenn M. Simon
Richmond, Va.

Glazing Over
I admire the crew of That ’70s Show for going all out for authenticity, but they aren’t completely accurate (”Home Groovy”). In at least two scenes, I’ve seen characters eating or carrying doughnuts in a box that is very clearly from Krispy Kreme. As a child raised in the South, I can certainly recognize a Krispy Kreme box, which started in Winston-Salem, N.C., in 1937. The problem is there are no Krispy Kremes in Wisconsin. There may be a Krispy Kreme near the set of That ’70s Show, but Eric and Donna would never have been munching on them for Sunday-morning breakfast.
Carrie Colliton
Raleigh, N.C.

‘MACHINA’ Gunning
David Browne’s review of the Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album, MACHINA/the machines of God, strikes me as a little harsh (”Dinosaurs Jr.”). I will admit that it is not the second Siamese Dream, and as with all Pumpkins albums, it requires some time to become familiar with it. I’ll still take Billy Corgan blowing the dust off his guitar over Limp Bizkit doing it for the nookie any day.
Matt Kriz

‘Endless’ Love
Bravo, and thank you, Alanna Nash! Your review of Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s One Endless Night gives me hope and proof that there are still great albums being created, discovered, reviewed, and appreciated (The Week). Yes, I realize Gilmore will most likely never grace Billboard‘s top 10 lists. But bringing this accomplished singer-songwriter’s gift of lyric and sound to light will hopefully expose many more people to something so rare and musically precious.
Scott E. Gruber
Bethlehem, Pa.

A Page Turner
Congrats on the new Reviews layout; it’s more logical and looks a lot better. Maybe I’ll even forgive you for the bad Ride With the Devil review!
Scott Evans
Huntersville, N.C.

CORRECTIONS: The opening illustration for our cover story (”Who Deserves to Be a Millionaire?”) should have been credited to Green & Read. Mick Mars is the guitarist for Motley Crue (TV).