Lucy Liu sues yoga guru--The ''Ally McBeal'' star decries national distribution of a promotional video

By Corey Takahashi
Updated March 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s a wacky legal case you won’t be seeing on Ally McBeal: Actress Lucy Liu, who plays the Fox dramedy’s simmering sexpot attorney Ling Woo, filed a lawsuit March 8 in Los Angeles, seeking to stop the makers of a yoga infomercial from airing her sparkling accolades. In court papers, the star of the upcoming Charlie’s Angels: The Movie says she praised Bryan Kest, her former ”power yoga” guru, for an instructional video she thought would be shown only in Kest’s personal workouts. But now Kest, a 35-year-old Fabio look-alike, has used Liu’s plug in a soon-to-be-released national infomercial for his videos. That, Liu’s suit says, could ”cause irreparable damage to her career and reputation.” Kest’s lawyer, Jack Yeh, calls the complaint ”completely without merit” and says Liu (who would not comment) signed an agreement. A word of advice to Kest: Messing with TV’s fave ball buster can’t be good for your karma.